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Despite that, in the midst of the first anniversary of her death he managed to take the grueling exams into Eton, and PASSED with all that going on. His every step seems like a struggle to prove himself. It taught me that teachers can be as cruel and vindictive as they want, because they have the ultimate power to trash your grades and ruin your educational life.


I did it in an obvious place, some friends at school noticed and I felt a deep sense of shame and regret. Never a rule-breaker, I followed instructions and chugged a sugary drink and ate a small meal before taking a needle to the arm — but five minutes in I fainted anyway. I think that there should be so much more to school than memorising the contents of text books to regurgitate in exams.



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  1. He grew up automatically in second place, struggling to prove himself and make his own way despite comparison to his rather glamorous older brother.

  2. I spoke to my family about it today, and it was hard, but it was the right thing to do. It was just a bit of a nasty wake-up call.

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