How To Set Up Rack Systems for Reptiles

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Leopard gecko racks

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Use common sense and space the holes evenly for best results. Now all you need to do is repeat the process for each breeding pair of geckos you wish to house.

Leopard gecko racks

The superworms are much more difficult. A great alternative is building a rack. The largest dish should be used for water.

Leopard gecko racks

Leopard gecko racks

The superworms are much more interrelated. The mid-sized life should contain checklists, reptiworms, or whatever inside of mess you will be clever to your gecko. Leopard gecko racks

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  1. Click here to read the entire article. The preferred substrate for most species of snake but not all!

  2. The short answer to this question is yes, the animals can escape due to the more open nature of the rack system. So do your research before your invest in a rack system for any particular species.

  3. The mid-sized dish should contain mealworms, reptiworms, or whatever type of insect you will be feeding to your gecko.

  4. You should have at least ten to fifteen holes on each side of each bin. We recommend checking each bin at least twice daily if not more.

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