Ingredients of Lubricants – Chemicals of Concern

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Ky warming liquid ingredients

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Data show that around 43 per cent of such couples trying to conceive use personal lubricants to deal with this problem. Those thorny questions aside, there are genuine reasons to rethink the use of personal lubricants. Rectal and vaginal absorption is, generally speaking, many times greater than oral absorption.

Ky warming liquid ingredients

Rectal and vaginal absorption is, generally speaking, many times greater than oral absorption. Should be avoided by women prone to thrush. Yet in our research we found that some manufacturers of lubricant products Durex Play, for example do not even declare the product ingredients on the package, making safe comparative choices impossible.

Ky warming liquid ingredients

Ky warming liquid ingredients

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  1. Because of their viscosity, personal lubricants can prevent sperm from reaching the cervical mucus quickly. For instance, in laboratory data presented to the 28th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Andrology and Andrology Lab Workshops in March , exposure to K-Y Jelly after fertilisation was found to cause a severe decline in the ability of embryos to form in vitro.

  2. No known toxic effect; however, this ingredient is poorly studied. Slowing to a stop Sperm is also sensitive to chemicals that alter its osmolality a measure of the total number of particles in a solution such as blood or semen.

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