Ridgid JP0610 Jointer Planer

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I found this after I had managed to get it down into the basement, and I almost just packed it all up again - almost. Overall - I think it's easily worth the price.


The cutting was very smooth running, but I took too much off at first, so I had to dial it way back. Not perfect, but more than good enough it turns out.



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  1. I think the outfeed table is a tad too low, so that when the trailing edge of the piece leaves the infeed table it "drops" onto the cutter and makes a little snipe.

  2. It has really opened up the world for different wood species. Edge looked amazing; the face came out great but with a tad bit of snipe on the trailing edge.

  3. This was a mistake - the unit ended up being very tipsy, depending on which direction the casters were pointing.

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