J Devil: Jonathan Davis of Korn Tells EDM Audiences to ‘Go F— Themselves’

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Political views[ edit ] In , Davis explained his political views, saying, "I'm political to a point where it affects human life, from global warming to abortion issues to my gun rights", but expressed disinterest in issues like taxation, saying, "I don't really care. Jesse Ship JDevil Facebook Hot on the steel-reinforced heels of his dubstep-influenced Path of Totality album, Jonathan Davis of Korn has ditched his black clad hordes for neon-slathered partiers with his current alter-ego, the cartoonish black-lensed, black-toothed, J Devil. Do we really need labels anymore with the way things went with the Internet?


Obviously even going out and voting doesn't really count, it's all based down to these Electoral College votes. In fact, about half the songs he plays during his sets are his, or have seen his dark handiwork.



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  1. In fact, about half the songs he plays during his sets are his, or have seen his dark handiwork.

  2. Davis' second child, Pirate Howsmon Davis, [36] was born on March 18, As of , Davis has been seen using wireless Shure Beta 87a and SM87 microphones for live performances.

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