The Jaguar Man

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Tales of the nahual are spoken of even in modern times. A skill from which such a strong intent, and will, is felt.


When a man impersonating a taxi driver abducts and rapes her, Naughton reaches deep into her inner resources to survive. While it's very well-written and readable difficult subject matter aside , it took me a while to get used to the structure of revealing myth interspersed with the facts of Naughton's experience.



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  1. Female BOND 2 In Mesoamerican mythology, it was said that the spiritual existence referred to as a nahual is a shadowy, supernatural existence that acts as a guardian spirit. This is an exploration of the multifaceted damage of this violent crime that may leave readers feeling both humble and raw.

  2. A skill from which such a strong intent, and will, is felt. There is a lot to think about in terms of showing love and compassion in even the most horrific of circumstanc A very raw look at a young woman's victimization and recovery.

  3. One of the main deities worshipped by the Aztec civilization, Tezcatlipoca, also possessed a nahual, and it was said to be that of a terrifying jaguar.

  4. A Official skill name: Furthermore, the chosen vessel would be one that possesses the most animalistic strength and bears the fate of the wild amongst humans with a connection to the Holy Grail.

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