Sexual relations between husband and wife during lent

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Is sex allowed during lent

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Neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka. One thing is for sure, however, as the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9: What makes it more difficult in marriage is that we surrender ourselves to another person when we are married, and the fruit of the marital union in the bearing of children requires that we concentrate on nurturing and providing for the family.

Is sex allowed during lent

Love-making should be seen as an art. After the Israelites escaped from Egypt and had come to Mount Sinai under the prophetic leadership of Moses, we are told in Exodus 19 that when they arrived at Mount Sinai, the people as a whole were to consecrate themselves to God to be a holy nation that would obey the will of the Lord, which they did agree to, and that after three days they would be privileged to behold from a distance God's awesome presence descend upon Mount Sinai in a frightful and glorious way, yet only Moses would be allowed to go up Mount Sinai for a personal encounter with God. Most couples, however, do not have the resolve and devotion, especially in their younger years, to live with such strictness.

Is sex allowed during lent

Is sex allowed during lent

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  1. There are others who will keep the prescription of the Church most suitable for a physically and spiritually healthy fast during Great Lent, which is to abstain from all meat, eggs, dairy, fish and oil. However, not all Christians are at the same level nor are they all striving to the same extent to fit into the ideal.

  2. The third passage comes from the New Testament, specifically the first epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians. The whole point why certain foods are not eaten during the fast is because they have a tendency to stimulate our desires and carnal lusts; now, are you telling me honestly that alcohol does not have the same effect?

  3. This is why we not only have Divine Liturgies on both Saturday and Sunday, but also Presanctified Liturgies which ideally should be offered every weekday, but are more often only offered once or twice a week.

  4. The penis is able to bring life and as such it should be used in a responsible way. The usual canons all require abstaining from wine, and certainly in my own understanding for most people in the 21st century in the West this extends to all alcohol.

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