Interview with a ‘sex pest’

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Interveiw sex in the media

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Are you on Friendfeed more times in a day than you talk to your colleagues at work? As if any editor of Cosmopolitan could consider anything outrageous.

Interveiw sex in the media

This is the magazine that gave its female readers more knowledge about how to find their way round a man's body but more importantly, their own than anything else. Cosmopolitan has a readership of 1.

Interveiw sex in the media

Interveiw sex in the media

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  1. According to a new study, people under the age of 35 are highly addicted to social media. In the US, Helen Gurley Brown had in the 60s transformed Cosmopolitan from a staid, general interest magazine into something that celebrated the sexual revolution and represented the young women who were living through it.

  2. Over on the other side of the generation gap we found 46 percent of those younger than 35 indicating their preference for a mobile device for all things social media. In an online forum he published graphic and lurid descriptions of the offences he committed against Jane Doe.

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