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Abdelaziz Ghazali - His expertise is often ad hoc, but still very important for the decision maker. The INSEA graduates have skills that allow them to perform the analysis and economic forecasting , the engineering of information systems and statistical expertise, but they are also capable of develop models to improve the sophisticated market analysis, refine the target marketing , and measure the risk in a variety of areas.


The rooms are individual. This conference will take this same acronym, CT, and define it as Challenges and Transformations while drawing comparisons and metaphors to the medical device, that diagnoses and investigates, to respond to current state of art education. Abdelaziz Maalmi -



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  1. The institute also has a library and a computer center with more than machines. We are interested in developing critical, analytical, and artistic research skills that help to approach art and visual culture in their various contexts.

  2. We conduct research on art and other forms of visual culture, and its practices and education, through a transdisciplinary approach that brings together theoretical and practical knowledge.

  3. It is also an opportunity to discuss the theme through many conferences and roundtables throughout the two days of the event. The institute also has a library and a computer center with more than machines.

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