Cost of Living in Sweden for Indian expats

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Indians living in sweden

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This is probably my most favourite part of living in Sweden! It was the first season I witnessed when I landed in Stockholm, I fell so in love with it, that my first ever blog post after becoming a Digital Ambassador was about Fall!

Indians living in sweden

Just take that in for a second. Sweden is famous for its unpredictable dark, rainy and gloomy weather. But ever since I encountered the Swedish way of life, honesty and 'going by the word' is the way things work here.

Indians living in sweden

Indians living in sweden

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  1. After one year as a resident and if you plan on purchasing your own vehicle in the future, you are required to obtain a Swedish driving license.

  2. The universities set their own fees, which mostly vary between SEK 80, and , per academic year. Or, see more from the flashmob dances and more upcoming events in this public Facebook group.

  3. The water is clean and fresh, so you can save both money and the environment by not buying bottled water. The connect to the motherland has become more stronger with me writing and talking more about India, its food, festivals and 'problems'.

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