5 Ways to Beat Pre-performance Nerves

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How to deal with nervousness

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Have a friend give you a pep talk. Dry mouth is a common result of anxiety. If your overhead slides are out of order, or your notes are disorganized, you are more likely to get flustered and lose focus, and so will your audience.

How to deal with nervousness

The question could be unrelated to your talk or it may be an issue that you had never considered. You're less likely to freeze up if you're well prepared. So your mind may start to race, and you may feel panicky.

How to deal with nervousness

How to deal with nervousness

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  1. When we're nervous, our muscles tighten-you may even catch yourself holding your breath. As a consequence, the audience focuses on you being nervous rather than the content of your presentation.

  2. Make use of pauses; force yourself to stop at the end of a sentence, take a breath, and think before you continue. It also provides a solid object to hurl at potential hecklers.

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