7 ways to deal with a partner who loves to flirt with others

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How to deal with a flirty girlfriend

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If you do the work and your partner is not willing to change or make changes, make a decision. I realised that something would have to change if we were to stay together and carry on enjoying the positive aspects of the relationship.

How to deal with a flirty girlfriend

Try to open up a discussion with him about how his actions make you feel. Which is not easy. This is what is best for you.

How to deal with a flirty girlfriend

How to deal with a flirty girlfriend

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  1. I lost all my confidence and turned from someone who loved life into a miserable wretch, finally kicked into the ground by his affair with a "friend". Also, acting that way will also confirm to your girl, that you never saw the guy has a real treat, that you are confident and that you were merely amused by the opportunity you got to test her which in turn will create more attraction.

  2. That seems rather heavy-handed, but it is an option nonetheless. If you worry that a random guy could steal your girlfriend, it means you have insecurities about your relationship and the core issue here would be TRUST.

  3. Ask yourself why you chose this man - the personality traits that annoy you so much now are probably what drew you to him in the first place.

  4. This is your chance to test her! Finally, you could resolve to react differently to your partner's behaviour.

  5. I spend the evening watching, wondering whether to make a fuss or wait to confirm my suspicions before raising the issue. Anyway, be attentive to subtle clues in her body language.

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