Applying Bottom Paint

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How to bottom paint a boat

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Let bottom paint dry at least overnight before you put masking tape on it to paint the bootstripe. For example, the aggressive solvents in vinyl paints lift other types of bottom paints, so if you are applying vinyl, any non-vinyl paint has to come off. If the paint has been on the shelf awhile, getting it mixed thoroughly can take 10 or 15 minutes, but don't skimp; if the copper isn't evenly distributed, some areas of your hull won't be protected.

How to bottom paint a boat

If the existing paint is soft, where your fingernail can dig into it, you will need to bring it down to a hard finish. If you want to strip off your old finish Often just pressure washing with the full force of at least a psi washer with a spiral tip that can apply a round stream will remove some boat bottom paints and contaminants. Be sure to wear a tight-fitting respirator — not a paper mask — while sanding.

How to bottom paint a boat

How to bottom paint a boat

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  1. Going just one direction during your application helps to avoid bubbles. Sand the de-waxed hull lightly with grit paper before applying the first coat of paint — the flag coat — which should be a different color from the top coat s.

  2. The copper nonstick boat bottom paint comes with the copper component in a separate pouch.

  3. The product starts to dry in about 10 minutes and is hard enough for launching in about 30 minutes in warm weather. He and his wife cruise aboard their footer part of the year in the eastern Caribbean.

  4. Save a little paint to slap on the areas on the bottom of the keel you can't get to until the boat is lifted. To stripe, you can use striping tape or just pull two tapes along your hull and brush your color in from the tap to the center.

  5. Click here for a free analysis of how much paint your boat project requires. For more information about painting, consult Sailboat Refinishing by Don Casey Don Casey has been one of the most consulted experts on boat care and upgrades for 30 years, and is one of the BoatUS Magazine's panel of experts.

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