What's the best way to remove hair from your butt crack?

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How do you shave your buttcrack

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You can remove hair lodged between the blades by running the blade under a heavy stream of water or gently tapping the razor on the base of the sink. If you're using a body groomer, then frequently remove any excess hair from the blades and comb. You should apply the antiseptic for the first few days after you shave, every day.

How do you shave your buttcrack

I think this goes without saying, but never use the same electric shaver for both your butt and your face. Ideally, you should be standing up with your butt facing the mirror in your bathroom; this will make it easier for you to see what you're doing without straining your back too much.

How do you shave your buttcrack

How do you shave your buttcrack

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If you accomplish a close shave, then flat against the direction; if you repeat to be more subsequent to facilitate exertion, then you may preamble to shave with the direction. The reason you lack to apply to together buttcrsck cheek is so that you can additionally pull them expressively without your courts slipping—this will make it greater to internal.
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