Clit hood Piercing

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Horizontal clitoral hood piercing

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Note also that there is a great deal of confusion about the terminology. Bleeding can occur for a first week due to the vascular nature of the tissue it passes through, and often a spread-outwards circular barbell horse shoe is worn for the healing, allowing the jewellery to rest in-between the labia majora and minora.

Horizontal clitoral hood piercing

One variety of hood piercing is expected to provide added stimulation, and another type is usually just ornamental. Three primary hood piercings are done:

Horizontal clitoral hood piercing

Horizontal clitoral hood piercing

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  1. One variety of hood piercing is expected to provide added stimulation, and another type is usually just ornamental. Contrary to popular myth, the piercing only goes through the protective skin located above the clitoris and not actually through it.

  2. Because of variations in anatomy and personal preferences for sexual stimulation, each piercee must be evaluated and even counseled on an individual basis before deciding on a genital piercing.

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