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Homer and sex

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We would never have heard of them if Odysseus had not killed the former and fathered the latter. What do men want? It would seem that Odysseus chose Penelope, his wife.

Homer and sex

The marriage survived only because Penelope chose to recognize her husband; imagine if she had refused him. However, one could equally argue that second marriages are just fine, thanks, and Odysseus would have been happy with her if only the storyteller had given him a choice in the matter.

Homer and sex

Homer and sex

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  1. When Achilles among the dead hears that his son, Neoptolemus, has become a great warrior, he is temporarily reconciled even to the death he finds worse than being a slave — his steps are light as he leaves Odysseus who has brought him the news: Despite decades of well-intentioned inter-faith dialog, Christians simply did not understand that the events of two thousand years ago mean very little to contemporary Jews other than as an excuse by Christians to practice anti-Semitism.

  2. There opened up a vast gap that until then had been quietly repressed by mutual consent. Repression equals silence, as they say.

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