2" Grubster (Lunker City)

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Tackle boxes and other storage solutions from Plano. Grubster is available in the length of 7 cm that enables to attract a wide-variety of fish from basses, pikes, zanders and catfish.


Painted and unpainted spinner baits heads, buzz bait heads, jig heads, spoons, and weighted fishing hooks. Mix and match to make the exact color you're looking for. Fly and jig tying tools, organizers, glues, and fly tying kits.



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  1. First of all the above-mentioned range of colors. Fly and jig tying tools, organizers, glues, and fly tying kits.

  2. Over twenty spinner bait, buzz bait, and spinner jig molds from Do-IT, the premier manufacturer of lead molds for fishing lures. Inserts for Do-IT molds, including wire forms, coil forms, chains, sinker eyes, weed guards, swivels, and inserts.

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