Human-on-dolphin sex is not really that weird

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Gils having sex with dolphins

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Having shown up at the lab uninvited, Margaret Howe, a year-old college drop-out, so impressed Lilly with her enthusiasm for his dolphins that she was given the crucial role of teaching them English. It's like the Noah's Ark of human-animal hand jobs.

Gils having sex with dolphins

I asked Wallen why it's considered acceptable to manually stimulate animals in order to collect semen for breeding purposes when the same behavior is often forbidden in a research context. Basically, he sounded like a dolphin.

Gils having sex with dolphins

Gils having sex with dolphins

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  1. Then one night in his wife heard one of them apparently attempting to mimic human speech — a moment that seems to have struck Lilly with the force of a divine revelation.

  2. But such fondling isn't unheard of in the realm of animal research. At times, the story seemed almost too neat a microcosm of the s, as well meant if not necessarily practical ideas about transforming life on earth — and beyond — gave way to something much darker.

  3. Nor, despite her grandmotherly demeanour, did she make any bones about what less scrupulous film-makers or a less scrupulous channel might have made the subject of the entire programme:

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