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Video about galamoth:

Indeed, Galamoth's soul can be found by the primary protagonist Soma Cruz who is Dracula's reincarnation and is able to absorb the souls and powers of fallen monsters. The entry about him states that he plans to rule the Netherworld and it is somehow implied that he is attempting to invade the Castlevania in order to take Dracula's throne. The soul is found by breaking one of the Castlevania's candle, who have been stated to contain the souls of Dracula's victims.


Also these guys drop the God's Garb and Greatsword, which are some of the absolute best equipment in the entire game. The rest of the items are must haves.



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  1. Transexual ice-mages at Galamoth's command who can conjure a dangerous rain of giant blocks of ice.

  2. You need to go to the room in the Death Wing's Lair where you will find a Malachi. He raises his scepter and fires eight black orbs 92 ATK, Hit.

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