Furry convention

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Furby convention

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Hotels have few business travelers during the weekend, making it much easier to reserve a block of rooms and secure space for programming at a reduced price. Other conventions spring up in the wake of discontinued events; for example, Califur was founded in following the final ConFurence in , in order to keep a furry convention in the Los Angeles Basin.

Furby convention

Many fans are students and have little discretionary income , so hotel and convention fees are important factors. Timing and duration[ edit ] Most furry conventions take place over a weekend, with events scheduled between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. Event funding typically relies on convention registrations.

Furby convention

Furby convention

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  1. Unofficial activities are frequently coordinated by groups of people on Sunday evening and Monday morning, usually open to anyone who wishes to join, and may include bowling, bar hopping, visits to arcades, shopping malls, theme parks, zoos, dinner or morning brunch.

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