Faces of young women masturbating to orgasm 2

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Faces of orgasms

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Western and Eastern cultures generally agree on what our face looks like when we're in pain. Those core movements included things like a mouth stretch, eyelid raising, and jaw dropping.

Faces of orgasms

How to spot an orgasm: Participants from Western cultures tended to choose wide-eyed facial expressions with gaping mouths. Researchers found that participants from Eastern and Western cultures almost entirely agreed that facial expressions were different when the models were in pain or orgasm Meanwhile, participants from Eastern cultures chose faces that were smiling, with raised eyebrows and closed eyes.

Faces of orgasms

Faces of orgasms

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  1. But contrary to those cultural climaxes, the look of dire pain had universal contortions.

  2. They set up a dynamic face-movement generator which randomly selected a set of nuanced facial movements from a core set of Share shares Researchers found that the participants almost entirely agreed that facial expressions were different when the models were in pain or orgasm.

  3. Almost all of the participants agreed that the typical expression of pain involved pulling the face inward. Prior studies have reasoned that facial expressions of pain and orgasm look alike.

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