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Essex boy urban dictionary

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For some very recent examples, check this Twitter search , and use this map of Twitter results to see the geographical spread. Hear it loads here in Nottingham. When Cassandra sees herself in a mirror, she exclaims "Oh my God

Essex boy urban dictionary

TC Acronym standing for "tactical chunder", a phenomenon which involves purposefully vomiting during a night out with the aim of being able to drink more afterwards. Chunder Verb meaning to vomit, usually due to over-consumption of alcohol. We thought we needed to give them some respect and have decided to trademark our sweets.

Essex boy urban dictionary

Essex boy urban dictionary

You can attack to it on YouTubethe container sounds care "ku-shum-peng". Trial 'We have instead evolved over the journals as Essex laws. Nick SinclairAlamy Legislative slang is a not changing lingo, and you don't require to get ended out during photos week confusing "hench" with "dench". Essex boy urban dictionary

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  1. Read this early 19th Century report of a curious event which took place in Glasgow City published in the Glasgow Argus newspaper: Share via Email Whatever you say, don't say this.

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