Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

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Enhancing your sex life couples

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Approach a sexual issue as a problem to be solved together rather than an exercise in assigning blame. The sensate focus techniques that sex therapists use can help you re-establish physical intimacy without feeling pressured. Because good communication is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship, establishing a dialogue is the first step not only to a better sex life, but also to a closer emotional bond.

Enhancing your sex life couples

Write down your fantasies. Your doctor can often determine the cause of your sexual problem and may be able to identify effective treatments. Therefore, the same healthy habits you rely on to keep your body in shape can also shape up your sex life.

Enhancing your sex life couples

Enhancing your sex life couples

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  1. This exercise can help you explore possible activities you think might be a turn-on for you or your partner.

  2. Recharge your sexual batteries by doing things that let you break free from your hectic everyday life, says Berman.

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