Painful, Days-Long Erections Also Happen in Women

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Engorged clitoris

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The tunica albuginea is a fibrous-elastic sheath, surrounds the shaft and glans clitoridis. After one day of taking painkillers and Sudafed every six hours, the woman went home and continued to take Sudafed for another two days, until everything returned to normal, the researchers said. During sexual arousal, arterial blood flow to the clitoris is increased, and within the clitoris, the arteries further branch to supply the erectile tissues.

Engorged clitoris

The condition, in which the erect penis or engorged clitoris does not return to its normal state, is called priapism , and is much more common in men than in women. That's why the doctors decided to try a drug that does the opposite, and stimulates these receptors.

Engorged clitoris

Engorged clitoris

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