7 Healthy Reasons You Should Have Sex — Right Now!

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Effects of sex on health

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Improve your self-esteem It boosts your confidence Image: Some studies show the average peak heart rate at orgasm is the same as during light exercise, such as walking upstairs.

Effects of sex on health

Benefits of love and sex Besides a heart full of love and a big smile, romance can bring some positive health benefits. Based on responses to this question, along with the measures of blood pressure, we categorize respondents into four groups:

Effects of sex on health

Effects of sex on health

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  1. Note that especially at older ages, not all those with partners are sexually active; among partnered men and women aged 75 and older fewer than half had any sex with their partner in the past year Karraker and Delamater ; Lindau and Gavrilova However, we know little about whether and how involvement in a sexual relationship shapes cardiovascular risk.

  2. So even though you might think pain is a barrier to sex, consider this a sex benefit worth the time and effort:

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