The Ultimate Guide to Visible Dye Penetrant Testing [Infographic]

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Dry penetration test

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This is the most important and vital stage of the dye penetrant testing. Detection of surface cracks caused by high speed grinding Advantages: Magnaflux offers PeneCert Testing Service for in-process penetrant materials.

Dry penetration test

Emulsifiers represent the highest sensitivity level, and chemically interact with the oily penetrant to make it removable with a water spray. Scale, sand, dirt, etc. Applying Developer Shake the pressure can vigorously until the agitators rattle inside, or thoroughly stir bulk developer.

Dry penetration test

Dry penetration test

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  1. Removing Penetrant When sufficient penetration time has been allowed, wipe the surface clean with a clean towel or cloth. Water-washable, solvent-removable, lipophilic post-emulsifiable, or hydrophilic post-emulsifiable are the common choices.

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