Vaginal Itching & Burning: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

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Dry and itchy after sex

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Dry and itchy after sex

Menopause and low estrogen levels. Moisture and other irritation can also promote the yeast to grow, causing vaginal itching. Find out which gynecological problem you might encounter, how to recognize and treat the symptoms and what steps you can take to prevent them.

Dry and itchy after sex

Dry and itchy after sex

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  1. Estrogen in the body encourages the vaginal tissues to produce this lubricant which is acidic to help protect the vagina from bacterial and fungal infections.

  2. Many women feel cleaner when they douche, but it may actually worsen symptoms because it removes healthy bacteria that line the vagina.

  3. Allow more air to reach your genital area. Men can develop UTIs too, but they're more common in women because their urethra is shorter, so bacteria have a shorter distance to travel.

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