Drama Club blazed trail for Houma's gay community

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Drama club houma

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Meanwhile, a middle aged man courted a professional-looking woman wearing sequins and high heels. Drama Club owner Randy Chestnut celebrated his 70th birthday on Feb.

Drama club houma

After the drag show ended Feb. Now there is a new bar in town, on Main Street, just over a mile away from the seat of parish government.

Drama club houma

Drama club houma

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  1. The flashy, clean-cut interior is designed to appeal to a broader crowd, Cheramie said. Drama Club is a big, huge club.

  2. It recently closed, leaving a world much different than the one it entered in late I was not going to have that - we have a right to do businesses just like anyone else.

  3. Drama Club loves Houma, we wish everybody the best in the world. Shortly after it opened, a dispute between two customers led to a raid by armed Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents.

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