Dog Orthodontics (Malocclusions)

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Dogs with underbites

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The affected dog may find it difficult to grasp on and chew food. Genetics is the most obvious cause of dog underbite.

Dogs with underbites

Malocclusions are common in certain breeds of dogs. The scissor bite is considered the standard bite for dogs with more natural head shape with long to medium-sized muzzle. Occlusion refers to the way the upper and lower teeth align, or more specifically, the way they fit together.

Dogs with underbites

Dogs with underbites

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  1. Certain types of malocclusions can cause difficulty or discomfort when eating or chewing.

  2. Corrective surgery typically involves tooth extraction to minimize traumatic injury and pain from abnormally positioned teeth. A malocclusion occurs when the teeth do not properly fit together when the mouth is closed.

  3. The scissor bite is considered the standard bite for dogs with more natural head shape with long to medium-sized muzzle. This can be the underlying cause for a slight underbite.

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