‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan Sued After Dog Attack

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Dog whisperer fail

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Despite the professional training world being pretty much in agreement that The Dog Whisperer is a fraud at best, animal abuse at worst, Millan's popularity on and off the air is still high. Germany is the only country to have enacted a law to make dog training a "protected profession", meaning that an exam has to be passed before a person can call herself a dog trainer. While Millan and his training methods are widely accepted by the general public as effective, scientific research on canine behavior suggests the aversive methods he famously uses, including choke chains, physical force, and scare tactics, can actually make certain problem behaviors much worse.

Dog whisperer fail

He will effectively be muzzled. These techniques focus on getting the dog to associate the thing it dislikes, with things it loves.

Dog whisperer fail

Dog whisperer fail

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