The Meaning of Facial Expressions in Different Languages & Cultures – Gestures and Mimicry

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Different facial expressions for different countries

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He and his team identified words that are associated with emotions, such as anger, frustration, love and happiness. He was surprised when they found only

Different facial expressions for different countries

Brief and occasional eye contact is appropriate. It can also express concern, doubt, frustration or disbelief. The purpose is to make one look slightly vulnerable and childlike with the intent of getting out of having to do what one does not really want to do or to plead forgiveness.

Different facial expressions for different countries

Different facial expressions for different countries

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  1. Legend has it that many a missionary lost his life when smiling at indigenous tribes with his lips parted, because it was construed as a sign of hostility and pending attack. Because the human face is capable of configuring itself in 16, unique ways, Martinez figured they would come up with at least or more expressions that were the same across all cultures.

  2. In Japan, direct eye contact during a conversation should be limited so as not to be offensive. We experience the world on a much deeper level than just eight emotions.

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