Dante's Inferno Test - Impurity, Sin... and Damnation

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Dante in sex and the city movie

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And what an extraordinary view it is, especially but not only for Dante's time and place. On the Terrace of the Lustful -- the level of Mount Purgatory closest to the Terrestrial Paradise and, beyond, the celestial spheres and God -- we see two groups of penitents exchange greetings in one of the poem's most arresting scenes. Yes Have you ever visited or called a psychic?

Dante in sex and the city movie

I agree with this interpretation because I find it more consistent than other readings with the textual evidence and logic of the passages in question and Dante's overall conception of Purgatory. Reprinted with permission by the author, it has been slightly modified.

Dante in sex and the city movie

Dante in sex and the city movie

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