Okamoto Crown 12, soft and thin condom

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Crown condoms review

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They get low ratings for sensitivity and tend to break fairly often. Crowns are a bit harder to put on-- a minor inconvenience really. This includes opening its package carefully to avoid tearing the material as well as ensuring that no air is trapped in its tip, which could cause it to rupture.

Crown condoms review

These condoms can be good for some quick fun, but making lightsaber noises during sex gets old after about ten seconds, and most people distrust condoms that sell primarily because of a gimmick. Opinions about which condom is best, however, vary.

Crown condoms review

Crown condoms review

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  1. Write your review here: Condom Best Practices It's important to note that, while condoms have come a long way since the linen caps worn in the s, they are not percent effective.

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