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Club ember anaheim

   16.04.2018  5 Comments

Video about club ember anaheim:

The back wall of the bar is triple-frosted glass and appears to be all video. The security guards all look like a bunch of hoodlums, seriously ghetto'd out dudes. Possibly the worst I ever heard at any club.

Club ember anaheim

SANYO helped to do it's part in creating an environment that provides the visual sensuality, intellectual interest and appropriate focal points to high-function building locations like the back Club Embers bars. She pretty much ruined our night.

Club ember anaheim

Club ember anaheim

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  1. Why a place like this has bottle service I don't understand. The backdrop consists of 20" diagonal picture splashes across a series of motorized Lutron window shades.

  2. The concept was for adaptable eye candy, not a sports bar environment. I forgot about you!

  3. Unfortunaetly, that's all this place has going on. My friend told me that dowstairs was hip hop and upstairs was reggaeton.

  4. The backdrop consists of 20" diagonal picture splashes across a series of motorized Lutron window shades. I forgot about you!

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