Ovarian cyst found, what's next?

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Chocolate breast ovary

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I may not have gone through the pain and suffering, but I still have the worry that it may come back, but more than anything I am grateful it was found, purely by coincidence. Does anyone know of anyone around my age, a cancer survivor with one ovary and uterus left?

Chocolate breast ovary

My urine came back negative which was good. Women of childbearing age and beyond should have annual pelvic examinations by a qualified practitioner to evaluate changes in the uterus and ovaries.

Chocolate breast ovary

Chocolate breast ovary

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  1. Natural anti-inflammatories such as ginger and turmeric, taken alone or in combination can offer similar relief for pain as compared to ibuprofen or other NSAIDs without the stomach upset or other side effects of these medications.

  2. The pain is often felt around the time of menstruation and can cause abnormalities in length of the cycle longer, shorter, or even no period.

  3. Beth Kling, Communications Director Leza and Peg, you can feel free to call our Ovarian Cancer Helpline at to speak with an ovarian cancer survivor trained to provide support. Low anterior resection of rectum another procedure was offered transanal approach but recurrence of cancer could be percent.

  4. It then happened again a few months later and I went to the doctor inquiring about depo provera.

  5. Just wondering if there is anyone I can talk to about the never being able to become pregnant part of this. If so, there are some integrative recommendations to try.

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