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Chat thai randwick menu

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I can only imagine the queues come Sydney festival. Daniel Munoz Here, the classic street dish of a thin, crisp turmeric-stained coconut pancake is filled with sweet pork floss, peanuts, tofu, green onion and a side of pickled cucumber relish. True enough, the Westfield branch do a fantastic line in Thai sweets, and it's hard to look past the late night banana fritters at their Haymarket digs, but here there's a real concentration on the savoury end of the sweet spectrum.

Chat thai randwick menu

If you want a super-delicious, super-guilty pleasure, head directly to the prawn toast. Make a booking and save yourself the grief of potentially missing out and being forced to eat bain marie lasagne instead.

Chat thai randwick menu

Chat thai randwick menu

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  1. Khao kreab pak mor translates as garlic chives and pickled bamboo, lightly swaddled in a steamed rice flour skin.

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