The SA Callanetics Programme - Volumes 1, 2, 3/ Balls and Bands (DVD, Boxed set)

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Callanetics south africa

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It works the very deepest muscle layers as it holds the body in an anatomically correct way, often in combination with spiral rotation. As soon as an exercise targeting a specific muscle is completed, that muscle is stretched. Will you feel a burn?

Callanetics south africa

Most of my clients need three or four sessions before they can complete a full set. Through intensive activating of the pelvic floor and the optimal lengthening of the body, the posture changes.

Callanetics south africa

Callanetics south africa

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  1. Remember that for muscle to gain the hormonal stimulation it needs to become toned, it must burn. Spiral Dynamics places special emphasis on the pelvic floor and spiral rotations.

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