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I was once told that a man truly is the head of the household, but the woman in the spine and the neck, and the head really is motionless without it. We are not going home to our boys, we are not sharing a bed with them, so why down play what it really is? After learning about the pregnancy, he flees back to his Spanish homeland.


He, although reluctantly, embraced his role and duty of being a Reyes caballero. Masculinity and Latino Culture.



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  1. It has been noted by Rick A. The loss of heritage and cultural values especially affects the Latino-American population.

  2. Narciso has adopted the mannerisms of the wealthy European, although his true life was far from this lifestyle.

  3. In the Latino community there are two terms that truly stand out, Machismo and Caballerismo. Or in his manliness and domination over that family?

  4. The machismo tendencies of Latino, and especially the hyper-sexuality associated with machismo, has deleterious effects on the future emotional and social states of children.

  5. Caramelo follows this digression of cultural identity and form when the generations of Reyes men fail to identify with their Spanish caballerismo heritage.

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