Italians in the United Kingdom

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Britalian restaurant

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This was the third-highest figure amongst EU countries and ninth globally. Also unlike many ethnic groups in the country, there are substantial numbers of Italians outside England. Italian trade commission information reveals that the fastest growth areas for Italian suppliers are cheese, cured meats, bakery, nuts, balsamic vinegar and selected olive oils and pasta sauces.

Britalian restaurant

A recent survey by Mintel in The Grocer magazine of 1, adults revealed the unders in particular are turning to Italian cuisine for their staple daily meals. Also unlike many ethnic groups in the country, there are substantial numbers of Italians outside England. By over 3, christenings of second-generation Italians had been carried out there.

Britalian restaurant

Britalian restaurant

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  1. By approximately 7, Italian men were employed by London Brick in Bedford and a further 3, in Peterborough.

  2. More cheese though, which is why the salt content is higher. But there is a niche market for the produce he has in his delis and we have to develop our range over time and respond to what British people want.

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