What Are the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

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Breast sholder swollen

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It's like a fever for your breasts. Or you may become aware of it as you put on your bra or look at yourself in the mirror.

Breast sholder swollen

Early detection can be challenging, though, because first symptoms are often subtle. Because some women have naturally inverted nipples or have discharge during and post-pregnancy, a doctor won't necessarily notice this symptom. My mum has had shoulder pain over the last few months which she has been to the doctors about numerous times.

Breast sholder swollen

Breast sholder swollen

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  1. Print October was National Breast Cancer Awareness month, but with more and more families facing this disease, it's imperative to know the early warning signs of breast cancer and find out what you can do to help prevent the disease. Swelling or lump in your armpit Any pain in the armpit is a sign to check the area carefully with your fingers.

  2. If a lump or tender spot in the underarm area persists for a week with no apparent cause, see your doctor.

  3. It could mean that you have an infection, a blood clot also known as deep vein thrombosis , or a recurrence of the cancer that is affecting the lymphatic system. If the doctor sends you home with an ointment or prescription, don't hesitate to return if the symptoms don't go away.

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