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Breast forms with built in bra

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Attachable breast forms have surfaced in the last couple of years allowing the breast forms to adhere directly to the chest wall using a revolutionary gel or adhesive straps. It is also heavier than cotton or other material. If you are a 34B and were operated on the right side:

Breast forms with built in bra

Some breast forms can be attached directly to the skin, using special glue or tape. A breast form may help your clothes fit better or help your bra stay in place.

Breast forms with built in bra

Breast forms with built in bra

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  1. They don't look as natural under form-fitting tops, but they work well for lounging at home. Our possibilities are endless.

  2. Strapless bras are not recommended unless you are using the breast form that attaches to your body.

  3. Wash it every day with mild soap, dry it with a towel and keep it in its cradle to maintain its shape when not in use.

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