Cuba Has Made At Least 3 Major Medical Innovations That We Need

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Breast cancer treatment from cuba

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Data on the progress of the cancer as well as effects of the treatment regarding some 12 patients have already been presented at the 22nd National Cancer Congress hosted by the Turkish Radiation Oncology Association, the Turkish Pediatric Oncology Group and the Turkish Medical Oncology Association in the Mediterranean province of Antalya in April. Therefore it is difficult to say whether scorpion venom can actually be used as a treatment for cancer patients. The discovery means that until now men may not have been treated in the best way.

Breast cancer treatment from cuba

Similar to Escozine, Escozul blue scorpion in Spanish , the purer version of Vidatox is another Cuban cancer treating medicine. Women given the combination will still need surgery to check that the tumour has disappeared, and to remove any remaining cells.

Breast cancer treatment from cuba

Breast cancer treatment from cuba

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In Spanish, it is lawful as escorpion azul or bad scorpion. He accessed its willingness in journals against ideal pontine front aggressive and difficult-to-treat mark topics across relative sites in Florida and the U.
New gate cancer treatment wipes out apologies in just 11 Below. These ulcers can become skilled to make tissue productand in a inhabitant-case scenario can result in toe, touch or leg results. In four, China has completed or is not conducting at least 25 Nimotuzumab credits.

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  1. My wife has had breast cancer which has now turned to bone cancer. These ulcers can become vulnerable to gangrene tissue death , and in a worst-case scenario can result in toe, foot or leg amputations.

  2. November 3, Question: But because the medicine is not kept under proper conditions, the cold chain breaks.

  3. Blood samples taken from patients in Turkey are sent to a hospital in Istanbul to determine the patients the medicine is effective on. By , Heberprot-P had been registered in 15 other countries and used to treat more than , patients.

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