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Brancon virgin spacecraft

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Video about brancon virgin spacecraft:

Developing the prototype spacecraft took quite a while longer. Investigation and media comment[ edit ] Initial investigations found that the engine and propellant tanks were intact, showing that there had not been a fuel explosion. The prospective launches would use the under-design LauncherOne system.

Brancon virgin spacecraft

The brief flight began at an altitude of 47, feet, and reached a maximum altitude of 55, feet. VSS Enterprise crash At The incident killed co-pilot Michael Alsbury and injured pilot Peter Siebold.

Brancon virgin spacecraft

Brancon virgin spacecraft

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  1. The brief flight began at an altitude of 47, feet, and reached a maximum altitude of 55, feet. A blog post from Branson in early January said he briefly had doubts about whether it was a good idea to continue with SpaceShipTwo's development after the crash — but his commitment was renewed when he returned to California's Mojave Desert.

  2. This new supersonic plane would fly at Mach 2. Its second powered test flight took place on May 29, , and on July 27, , the VSS Unity reached a maximum altitude of , feet 52, m — higher than any other Virgin spacecraft that flew before.

  3. Branson also announced the development of LauncherOne, an expendable liquid-fueled rocket.

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