Violence and Sex in Television Programs Do Not Sell Products in Advertisements

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Brad bushman sex and violence

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We were forced to restrict our analyses to explicit measures of memory, attitudes, and intentions because very few studies have included implicit measures. Here, the findings were not as clear-cut. A review of the literature proposed that sex appeal is effective at attracting attention to an ad, but memory of the advertised brand is inhibited by sexual content Reichert,

Brad bushman sex and violence

On the other hand, because attention is a limited resource, attention to other nonsexual or nonviolent cues is impaired when sexual or violent cues are present in the same visual environment. As with the actual brands, foil brands that would be relatively unfamiliar to most participants were selected.

Brad bushman sex and violence

Brad bushman sex and violence

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  1. This meta-analytic review examines the important latter stages of this model, including brand attitudes stage 4 , brand memory stages 5 and 6 , and buying intentions stage 7. Two random orders of ads were used.

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