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The Hunt Once you have decided which doll you want to buy, you may find that you cannot actually find that particular doll anywhere for sale. My first purchase was a Simply Lilac, this was based on her hair colour and the fact that they were easily available on eBay at the time. It's a competitive market and her passion is finessing the dolls' personality.


Arms and the upper body are made of a harder plastic and are not as flexible unless you upgrade to the jointed body option. At the same time that Ms Garan was exhibiting her photos, a toy company in Japan, Takara, started producing and releasing new doll designs based on the Kenner model, each month. It's a worldwide community Sydney-based Naomi Abel is a Blythe doll 'customiser' who has been working in the industry for four years.



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  1. This suits the clothing I own which is usually in the soft pink, blue, purple, yellow and green shades with mixes of gold and silver.

  2. Over time the original "Kenner" Blythe dolls acquired a cult following of collectors and eventually, photographers.

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