12 Things All Men Should Know About Their Balls

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Big low hanging testicles

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The best time to perform this ritual is when showering. The warmth relaxes the scrotum making the exam easier.

Big low hanging testicles

Advertisement Balls have muscles. Balls rise to the occasion.

Big low hanging testicles

Big low hanging testicles

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  1. Your balls naturally hang away from your body to keep your testicles at the right temperature for sperm production. I make an incision about an inch long between the groin and navel, find the offending veins and tie them off.

  2. If you do notice any changes then see a doctor immediately. Testicular cancer is not near the top of the disease list, but it does affect about 1 in every men.

  3. Self-testicular exams allow you to become familiar with your testicles thus making it easier to notice any changes. However, it can occur in men of any age and race.

  4. In other cases, however, such as testicular torsion twisted testicle, which is a medical emergency , epididymitis inflammation of the epididymis, often caused by a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea , inguinal hernia, testicular tumor, or orchitis inflammation of the testicle from bacteria or viruses , a doctor should be consulted. How to do a self testicular exam see diagram examples 1.

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