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Big ass wine

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But the biggest winner from the Judgement of Paris was the grape itself. Each wine is carefully tended into soulful, palate pleasing delicacies.

Big ass wine

But the biggest winner from the Judgement of Paris was the grape itself. You can see how hops were originally processed and, of course, the current winemaking activities. Be sure to ask for a tour of this beautiful, historic structure by appointment only that was transformed into a modern winemaking facility.

Big ass wine

Big ass wine

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But how did we get from here: Plus, Martin points out, a lot of the period wines are equally good, and her has enjoy both the victims and gig citations.

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  1. And Megalomaniac is a reference to people who take wine too seriously, a character trait owner John Howard narrowly avoided when he decided not to name his southern Ontario vineyard after himself and, instead, poke fun at overly-serious oenophiles. The winery has been producing fine, handcrafted wines for over 35 years.

  2. The drying building of the hop kiln now houses our tank room filled with gleaming stainless steel tanks used for fermentation and storage.

  3. All wines are made right on site at the historic redwood-clad hop kiln by winemaker Deanna Starr.

  4. The surprising results put Napa Valley, California, and eventually, virtually the entire New World on the wine map.

  5. The pedigree and history of the winemaker, the location of the vineyard and the age of the chateau all became irrelevant. Fresh fruit, soft tannins, spicy mouth-filling flavors and intoxicating aromas and bouquet characterize her wines.

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