14 Carl Moments That Will Make You Laugh Like it's 2001

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Be carl aqua teen

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In the season four episode "Handbanana," it is implied that Carl might have faith in God, when he states, "I don't know if I believe in God, but I think he must hate me. His property is frequently subject to non-canon destruction.

Be carl aqua teen

In the season four episode "Handbanana," it is implied that Carl might have faith in God, when he states, "I don't know if I believe in God, but I think he must hate me. Carl has a cousin named Terry, an illegal plastic surgeon who is an ex-con and is in the Mafia , with whom he occasionally gambles. In most episodes Carl interviews a special guest, and viewers often have an opportunity to call in or Skype Carl during the live stream.

Be carl aqua teen

Be carl aqua teen

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  1. Carl has a mustache and is overweight, balding, and has hair all over his body, even on the bottom of his feet. The episode later made its official television debut on September 16,

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