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What IT skills will I need? Home About online learning At ATL, we want to make sure that all members can access learning and development.


For all ATL online courses, we would expect you to: They are facilitated by a tutor. The courses cannot be completed individually.



For all Atlonline online notions, we would expect you to: They expend a few of discussion-based activities, period tasks and individual mention regularity. Atlonline

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Running courses are allowed each term. Online terms are trained around the principles and contrast sub-groups of the atlonline.

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  1. The courses cannot be completed individually. All reps are required to have completed an assessment to prepare them for the course.

  2. Online courses are run in a similar way to classroom courses. Although reps are not required to log in at specific times, they do need to complete activities on a regular basis in accordance with a timetable set by the tutor at the beginning of the course.

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