Jon Hein and Michigan getting their ass handed to them by Ohio State

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Asses handed to them

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Everyone has the innate need to serve, but they need to be allowed to serve. In my humble opinion failure is not something to fear, inaction is. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the bombings at the finish of the Boston Marathon.

Asses handed to them

Get in the habit of thinking about motion. We all at times need to figure things out for ourselves, but there are times when you need someone to have your back. There is a lesson from getting your ass handed to you.

Asses handed to them

Asses handed to them

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  1. There is always good to take from any situation. It could be failing a math test, quitting your workout program, getting fired from your job, putting on 30 extra pounds of fat, falling on a climbing project over and over, hell even trying to get your weekly blog out when you are drawing a blank.

  2. In my humble opinion failure is not something to fear, inaction is. Now the Boston Marathon is a massive example of getting knocked down, but we all experience it in many ways.

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